Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is the easiest way to shave years of your car’s appearance for a fraction of the cost if you were to have them replaced. We will come to your house, work, or any convenient location to perform the headlight restoration at your convenience and on your time. Some might charge more for headlight restoration in Chicago depending on the amount of buildup the headlights have.

Headlight restoration

Because of the salt used in Chicagoland area during winters some headlights can get foggy, and will benefit most from a professional headlight restoration service. We believe in flat headlight restoration pricing especially for our friendly Chicagoans.

Quality Product and Service for Quality Headlight Restoration

Headlight restorations are only as good as the service tech, and the materials they use to perform your headlight restoration service. We use only the highest quality materials for all headlight restoration jobs.

Headlight restoration service

We also take our time with the preparation in order to ensure that all headlight restoration jobs are to 100% satisfaction of you, our client.

Our Headlight Restoration Process

Prepare the work area for a successful headlight restoration procedure.

  • Take a before headlight restoration procedure picture
  • Ensure proper lighting for both headlights
  • Protect the neighboring area to the headlight lens with masking tape
  • Clean off the headlight surface using environment friendly cleaning solutions
  • Premix our proprietary headlight restoration solution

Headlight restoration process begins.

  • Using a variable speed controlled buffer we use a variety of wet sandpaper grades to remove all the buildup from the headlights
  • After a series of passes over the headlight with the wet sandpaper buffer the fresh headlight surface has been revealed
  • Now that our headlight restoration solution is ready we attach a foam disk and apply the compound evenly across the headlight
  • Letting the compound bind to the headlight for a couple minutes ensures a successful headlight restoration
  • We now polish off the headlight lenses to a crystal clear condition with a combination of organic polish pads

Post headlight restoration

  • Remove the masking tape and any drip cloths
  • Clean headlight lenses and surrounding areas
  • Take an after headlight restoration results picture