Chicagoland HID Installation Service

High intensity discharge driving lights are a great way to improve your vehicles look, and driving experience. Major Tint Unlimited specializes in HID installation in the Chicagoland area. We are trained, and certified specialists that can install HID lights in almost any auto.

If HID headlights are not installed correctly you can blind on coming traffic, and or cause an electrical fire. Our trained professionals have performed numerous HID installation services for auto around the chicagoland area for many customers. Rest assured your HID headlights will be installed correctly at Major Tint Unlimited.

HID Installation Kit

HID installation is car specific allowing you to use any of the light intensities you choose. Some states have laws stating how bright your lights can be before you receive a citation so check to make sure your not in violation.

HID Installation service benefits:

  • Improved up to date looks
  • Avoid accidents, and potholes easier
  • Be spotted by surrounding traffic easier
  • Increased visibility at night

HID Brightness Demo

We offer a large span of HID kits starting at 3000k, and ending at 12000k. The HID installation service kits offered are from Xenon, Xetronic, and OEM applications. The normal term life of our HID installation kits is around 7 years depending on usage. Our HID kits have a 3-year warranty for defects, and or performance issues. Most headlight housings are HID safe, but should be checked as HID bulbs burn hotter than the normal headlight bulb.

HID Light Distribution

If your looking to increase your headlight performance look no further we at Major Tint Unlimited have the HID installation kit for you.

HID Installation service in Chicagoland Procedure

  • Take pictures for reference
  • Disconnect Battery
  • Remove headlight housings from auto
  • Disassemble headlight housings
  • Remove old halogen bulbs
  • Install ballasts
  • Install HID bulbs into housing
  • Connect HID bulbs to ballasts
  • Reassemble headlight housings
  • Install headlight housings back into auto
  • Connect battery
  • Turn on headlights for performance check