Auto Headlight and Taillight Tinting

Major Tint unlimited is a premier auto headlight, and taillight tinting shop in the Chicago-land area. We provide custom application for all cars, and use only the highest-grade spray tint for your headlights or taillights and each job includes a complete buff and sealant to make your headlights or taillights look even better.

Normal turnaround time for this service is approximately one hour and thirty minutes to two hours depending on the vehicle.

Auto Headlight Tint Film

Here at Major Tint Unlimited we are one of few that offer real spray tint for your taillights delivering a fully polished, and durable taillight light tint unlike most detail shops. We believe preparation is the key to our success when tinting headlights, and taillights. By ensuring every inch of what we are tinting is clean as possible we enable the tint to be applied completely for the ultimate sealing process. After all areas are thoroughly cleaned we mask off the surrounding areas to ensure a clean, and professional application eliminating overspray from taillight tinting. How dark you tint your lights is up to you, but we do offer predetermined darkness levels for suggested safety.

Auto Taillight Tint Servive

Tinted headlights, and taillights will add a sleek look to your vehicle from a simple process. Individualize your car by calling us here at Major Tint Unlimited to set up an appointment today.

Auto Headlight, and Taillight tinting benefits:

Trained professionals should only do headlight, and taillight tinting for auto services. If incorrectly done the lack of light from either the headlights, or taillights can cause a major accident.

  • Add a more individual look to your auto
  • Complete the black out look of a darker colored car

Auto Headlight Tinting

We have performed numerous auto headlight tinting, and taillight tinting for auto in the Chicago-land area. Satisfying our Chicago-land customers with the best headlight, and taillight tinting service for auto we can is our number one goal, and priority. Thank you for stopping by, and we hope to service your headlight, and taillight tinting for auto needs soon.

Headlight and Taillight Tinting Process:

  • Take before pictures for reference
  • Clean all surfaces to be tinted thoroughly with alcohol
  • Mask off all surrounding areas (Taillights only)
  • Apply taillight tint spray, and let dry
  • Apply blue cutting cream
  • Apply high gloss glaze
  • Apply super duty sealant
  • Buff to a high shine