Chicago-Land Auto Window Tinting

Window tinting provides many benefits to everyday driving, and operation of your vehicle. Window tinting in the Chicago-land area delivers the advantage of privacy, a cooler interior, and higher protection from the harsh UV rays the sun emits everyday.

Chicagoland Auto Window Tinting

Here in Illinois 35% is the maximum you are allowed to tint your windows if you are looking to tint your rear, and side windows. We perform a multi step preparation, and installation process to ensure the best quality window tinting helping us stand out amongst the competition. Here we let the customer decide on what degree of tint will be applied, although we will advise Illinois regulates window tint darkness to not exceed 35% if all windows are tinted.

Window tinting benefits:

  • Lower interior temps during summer
  • Privacy during operation, and while parked
  • Lower risk of vehicle break-ins
  • Protection from UV rays for your children, as well as yourself
  • Enhanced appearance for your vehicle
  • Added safety from shattered window glass in case of an accident
  • Protects your interior from premature sun fade
  • Keeps leather seats cool in the summer

Window Tinting Shades

Window tinting can be a nightmare if not prepped, and installed by trained professionals. We only use the highest quality window film from Suntek, Lummar, and Nexfil ranging from 0 – 100% allowing you very personalized tinted windows.

Auto Window Tint Film

The window tint used is also color stable with a limited lifetime warranty. Satisfying you the customer is our number one priority.

Window tinting preparation procedure:

  • Take a before picture of your vehicle for comparison.
  • Make approximate window shape stencils from construction paper, or cardboard depending on the vehicle. Properly scrape, scrub, and clean your windows with Bio-Green interior safe solution one at a time ensuring the cleanest window surface preparation for tint film adhesion.
  • Using a plastic or rubber tool gently fold inner window stripping down exposing the window entirely.
  • Slightly roll the window down to expose the top of the glass for accurate tint application.

Window tinting installation procedure

  • Take the time to do it right the first time every time.
  • Spray glass with Windex window cleaner to allow room for movement.
  • Apply pre-cut window film to the window and slide into position at the top of window.
  • Squeegee the top of the window to remove any/all bubbles trapped under window tint.
  • Roll window up slowly to the full closed position while keeping the inner window stripping folded down.
  • Using a razor blade cut off excess window film according to the actual shape of the window being tinted.
  • Once the window tint is applied we use a window squeegee to squeeze any bubbles that may be trapped to the outer edges and out the atmosphere.
  • Shut the door to make sure the appearance is perfect from the outside as some bubbles may go unnoticed to the eye from the inside.
  • Once the window is checked move to the next appropriate window.

Post window tinting procedure

  • Leave window rolled up for 24-48 hours to let dry properly
  • Enjoy your newly tinted vehicle, and all the benefits window tinting offer.